The Cursed Werebeast

A large being stalks through the jungle of the Lizzarkyth. Large paws gently press against the moist soil, bright yellow wasps or hornets gingerly stalk through the coarse and matted fur. A few speed ahead in search of a potential meal, returning with an almost pathetic feel to them. After some time, they return more huffy than solemn, displaying their disgruntled attitude with some sharp bites through the beasts coat of fur. He would find them a suitable meal soon enough. Hopefully.

Basic Information

name:: Lyudmyrrh Zvonenko
race:: Original Werebeast
gender:: Male
Personality:: Cautiously curious. Enjoys trickery.
Adorations:: Chasing smaller defenseless creatures as play, Flora, “Singing” with his wasps, “Jester’s Magics”
Despises:: Cinnamon, Mint, being stalked/hunted, most acts of elemental manipulation
Preferred home:: Lizzarkyth

Lyudmyrrh has very noticeable habits that he displays! His tail tends to twitch often, otherwise, laying very limp. The spikes are an excellent example of intimidating display than actual functionality. — His eyes are often wide, and instead of moving them, he often moves his head in the direction of where he wants them to look. It’s a trained habit from when he was younger, which he has a hard time breaking. — When conversing with the Werebeast, he tries to be very readable. He’ll express interest, or disinterest, very easily. However, discussing his own feelings or desires can be tedious for himself to express to most people.

In a fight, the Werebeast displays more passive tendencies, preferring to flee than fight. When actually engaged, he noticeably avoids use of his claws or jaws altogether. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to not get bodyslammed by a beast over 7ft tall. Another favorite fight method is picking up hulking trunks of fallen trees in his maw. This isn’t generally affective around a scene with other trees.

In his past time, he often scouts out eventual hunting areas. His main target is anywhere where Lizzarkyth’s beehives reside. This provides his wasps the protein they need (from the bees) and it gives Lyudmyrrh the opportunity to enjoy some famous honey. Secondary “hunts” are for finding fruits for himself and the wasps. They provide enough sustinance for a time, though not nearly as much as it should. As an absolute worst-case scenario, Lyudmyrrh will actively hunt and kill a creature for himself and the wasps to consume.

Abilities & Weaknesses

Abilities ~~~ Weaknesses

Passing Weregene ~~~ Mint`
Strength tasks ~~~ Fire/Smoke`
Speed tasks* ~~~ General Magic
Wasp manipulation* ~~~ Water`
xxx ~~~ Complicated communication
xxx ~~~ xxx
xxx ~~~ xxx

* = while he can speed, it’s often a single direct shot. Lyudmyrrh lacks any finess, or ability to maneuver properly at great speeds””

* = The wasps can only do so much on their own. Additionally, they have chances of not listening. This increases accordingly with their hunger.

` = Mint is a natural Wasp deterrent! After a long enough time, Lyudmyrrh himself has grown to disgust Mint scented objects.

` = Fire will put him into a panic, as he’s aware of how delicate the wasps aren’t to it. The smoke makes him drowsy, as do his wasps. Due to size differences, his wasps will wake up from “smoke sickness” faster than Lyudmyrrh himself.

` = Water, while not necessarily a dangerous element to himself or wasps, IS dangerous the the wasp nest. He works hard to not tread through waters that may damage the nest.


Lyudmyrrh’s coat is mainly a deep mossy color, with chocolate brown colors accenting his appearance and aiding with hiding in the swampy lands of Lizzarkyth. The brown is most notable at the tips of his longer fur (around his mane and tail). His toes on all feet seem to have been dipped in the brown color as well. The last noteable brown on his face, seen as a vertical strip. His eyes seem to glow with a bright amber color, and is the only bright color on his entire being. His spikes and claws are a rich ebony color. The wasp nest pictured is a side view, and the nest rests solidly near his spine and right ribcage. The nest itself doesn’t go too deep into his body.


Coding (c) Verridith/Blazeh!